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Cardio Monitor
December 20, 2016
New HW Update.

We are releasing a new graphic interface with “ECG – noise free” fix. Scheduled for 28.12.20016 evening.
A new Firmware Update will be available for tomorrow evening.
The following sensors are tested, working and displayed properly in the current hardware prototype (reflecting T-Shirt’s and ECG patches):

  • ECG – Complete RR Interval
  • GSR – Update Graphics + Stress Level (There are algorithms to be fixed.)
  • Barometric Air Pressure – Perfect
  • Environmental Temperature – Perfect
  • Human Body Temperature – Perfect
  • Yaw – Cool New Design – Perfect + 3D
  • Pitch – Cool New Design – Perfect + 3D
  • Roll – Cool New Design – Perfect + 3D
  • ECG Leadoff / Leadon – Implemented only in the last version
  • Accelerometer X axis – Up and Running properly
  • Accelerometer Y axis
  • Accelerometer Z axis
  • Firmware for OTA – (Over The Air) update patch is ready and under the testing. (QA will take some time)

The final release is scheduled for 14th of January 2017.
Working on windows and iOS display panels in addition to Android.

White Label Product Examples.