Single-Use Perfusion Bioreactor

The single-use bioreactor eliminates the need for pre-sterilization and is equipped with SU sensors for efficient control of the cultivation process.


From Sketch to Scale

Bioreactors are used in pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries for cultivation of human, animal, insect and plant cells, as well as microorganisms. The Single-Use Perfusion Bioreactor can be used to solve a wide range of biotechnological tasks. Used materials - teflon and polycarbonate. The vessel has a sufficient number of replaceable ports, as well as a large range of single-use sensors for installation (SUS). The in-line temperature sensors, DO sensors in combination with in-line fluid heater and oxygenator allow to supply reagents of a required temperature and with a required level of dissolved oxygen. Process monitoring can be done using any mobile device. Remote control and monitoring using any mobile device and a high level of automation ensure ease of process control.

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