Control Tower

A multipurpose bioreactor control station.


From Sketch to Scale

The Control Tower, equipped with several replaceable modules, is ideal for the entire line of MIRCOD Biotech bioreactors. The station is user-friendly and can be supplemented with various biotechnological sensors for monitoring the current state of the biotechnological process. Together with the Gas Mixing Station, the Control Tower maintains the required CO2 level inside the bioreactor while allowing you to work outside the incubator. The station’s functions include adjustment of the swing speed and bioreactor tilt angles. The flexible features allow for the gentle mixing of sensitive cells and their proper oxygenation. In addition, the Control Tower maintains a constant temperature inside the bioreactor. Using the automated station, the operator can remotely control supplying the fluids, preheating them, and removal of the fluids from the bioreactor. The operator can also set a protocol for cell culture and monitor its progress. In case of deviation from the planned indicators, the user receives a corresponding notification by e-mail or SMS

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