MIRCOD BIOTECH is a joint venture company between MIRCOD and Orgenesis. We design and build state-of-the-art equipment for the fast, safe, cost-effective development and production of biologics and vaccines. Our devices are equipped with multifunctional control systems and high-technology sensors. Through this system users can control the ongoing biotechnological processes at a high level.


MIRCOD BIOTECH strives to automate biotechnological processes. Our software, which is supplied with our systems and bioreactors, allows for remote monitoring of cell growth cultures and control of the process through a Web-portal.

The systematized menu and logical graphical interface are simple and straightforward allowing even an inexperienced user to work with the application without any difficulties. The software functionality includes monitoring parameters, controlling the bioreactor or the entire system, setting scenarios and modes of maintaining target indicators.

All data is synchronized through cloud storage. Based on this data any successful experiment may be replicated and repeated.